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iwood sunglasses

How a dream is born and develops

Hi, my name is Simone Guastella, founder and CEO of iwood.

I want to tell you how this brand was started and what the iwood project is:

iwood is a different kind of brand, built on an eco-sustainable philosophy.


I believe that if we want our dreams to come true, we must be more balanced and more in harmony with the world, promoting in each choice we make a lifestyle with a respectful attitude towards nature that is eco-friendly.

Simone Guastella, creatore e CEO di iWood, un brand di eyewear eco-sostenibile realizzato a mano

I believe that being sensitive to the environment is possible while also being stylish and trendy, having a flair for the finer details in life and showing sophisticated style by using, in an intelligent way, natural and sustainable materials,

respecting our planet, starting with our own body and skin, that too often comes into contact with non-natural materials.

That’s why I decided to make my own choice and create iwood by replacing plastic, the most common material used in fashion accessories, with something natural such as wood and hemp.

So, I started looking for something that could provide an answer and discovered wooden materials.

iwood: The genesis of the project

From an early age I have always been passionate about electronics and computing and I have had a gift for handicraft work and a sense of initiative.

By studying and searching I learned that it was possible to make wooden glasses using recycled wood such as surfboards.

I got down to work, I purchased the first pieces of equipment and after many tests and iterations I made my first sunglasses prototype.

I still remember running over to the mirror to see how they looked on me: wooden sunglasses made with my own hands!

iwood today, our production


I’ve learned through the years that there are many different production methods.

The touch of a true craftsman has now been augmented by software, laser cutting and 3D printers!


The beauty of the iwood frames is marked by colors and wood grains, unique for each piece.


I choose the type of wood according to flexibility and resistance.

Each frame is unique, no frame is exactly like another.


The wood material ensures a light frame, making you hardly feel the sunglasses on your face.


If you wear them for a whole day, you’ll never feel discomfort and you won’t see any marks on your nose or ears. 

iwood wooden case

Each frame is equipped with its wooden case. The case accompanies your sunglasses on their first trip to your home. 


The choice of the type of wood and the iwood frames

The choice of the type of wood is prompted by the requirement of flexibility and strength.

Today I count on technicians and labs that test material properties, select and catalog the materials by color and grains, hallmarks of pear or sandal wood.


These are all the elements that harmonize the final frame design.

Polish, minimalistic grain and the light hue of the bamboo cane are all peculiar and a typical quality of these materials.

Each frame has its own serial code that identify pattern and lens. It is registered at the time of purchase and gives each frame a one-year warranty. It is also an effective tool against counterfeiting and ensures you its authenticity.

All the components are manually assembled. The steel spring hinges have more than a 90-degree angle opening and for this reason have a good grip and suitability to different faces. All frames are settled and calibrated.

In addition, the wood of the iwood frames is covered with a hypoallergenic patina, which protects wood against water and wear and tear over time.

Polarized iwood lenses

All iwood glasses have 100% UV 400 polarized filter lenses and they are periodically checked by our labs to test their degree of protection.

Polarized lenses directly filter sunlight and block all noisy horizontal reflections.

They are available in 4 colors:


Red like the flames of FIRE,

Blue like the WATER,

Green like AIR blowing through trees

Brown like the EARTH.

4 iwood models like the elements of nature

Wave (Water)


Made of wood, with balanced frame lines, the lenses remind us of sea waves crashing against the shoreline.

Suitable for square and oval faces.

Blow (Air)

Made of wood, a small circle is the hallmark of this frame, like the shape of your lips when blowing a kiss.

Small round lenses are suitable for small and diamond shaped faces.





Sun (Fire)


Made of bamboo cane, it is the largest frame, with a round shape like the sun.

Suitable for female faces and for who love to wear a frame with wide lenses.

Clay (Earth)


Made of wood, on the dark background the wood grains remind us the red color of the clay. This gives the frame a finer look.

Suitable for oval faces and light-colored skin.



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