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The brand new iwood SOCKS are snug and protect your temples from scratches.


Choose your wooden sunglasses and add the IWOOD socks you LIKE!


You can insert and remove iwood SOCKS easily.


That’s why they are interchangeable and replaceable for all your needs and trendy looks.

Easy to use and wear, the quality materials make this product safe for adults and kids, there are no inserts or joints to assemble.

The new iwood SOCKS tight cover are very easy to change or remove.


They are made of fabric, rubber or elastic plastic. iwood SOCKS makes the product small and compact and totally flexible. It does not contain inserts or rigid grafts so you can keep them in your pocket with no danger of damage.

A large selection of new fashionable iwood SOCKS has been added in our store! Change your look and your style in a second!

Quality materials, colors and design make these iwood SOCKS interchangeable and suitable for every day or event.

Colors, materials and shapes give you a more powerful personality.


You can change the frame look easily, anywhere, in a few seconds.

a) iwood SOCKS make the temples soft and much more comfortable for your head and ears.

b) The glasses hinges are covered; your hair won’t get stuck in it!

c) Covers and insulates the material from direct contact with the face, provides hypoallergenic benefits.

d) Covers and insulates the material from direct contact with the face, provides sensitivity benefits under several conditions, (i.e. ice).

e) Protect your sunglass temples from scratches and wear over time.

f) Interchangeable iwood SOCKS, give you a smart way of changing your style every day.

g) They are also washable, important for hygiene and health.

The result: All day comfort!

Good quality materials and fabrics improve your comfort and soften the straight shapes of the temples creating a cushion.

iwood SOCKS completely cover rods and hinges, so your hair won’t get stuck in them, even when you mount your sunglasses on your head! You won’t have to worry about your hair getting stuck!.

iwood SOCKS are a solution for allergic or sensitivity problems, materials are isolated from direct contact with your skin.

iwood SOCKS are removable and washable, ensuring optimal hygiene.

iwood SOCKS makes a single pair of sunglasses customizable.

You can easily insert and remove the covers for your sunglass’s temples, so you can change them during the day for new styles and strong personality.

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